How SIEBERT Company makes the difference

In order to offer you each day the best possible products and services, SIEBERT Company focuses on:

  • The development of a multi-product and multi-customer strategy. Our wide range of poultry products -whole, in cuts or processed- allows us to meet the needs and requirements of a diverse market.
  • Delivering customized service solutions. We constantly adapt our service to address the existing demand.
  • Constant investment in production facilities implementing the very latest technologies. We feel extremely concerned about the improvement of working conditions for all our workers and know that we need a modern high-performance production tool that can grow with the business.
  • Complete functional autonomy. This allows us to gain greater flexibility and to be even more reactive: we master the slaughter of our poultry, the manufacturing and processing of our products, and we possess and operate our own fleet of collection and delivery trucks.