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Siebert Poultry is committed on a daily basis to satisfy you and to offer you poultry products of high gustatory quality, all within a responsible and ethical approach.

Our vision

Volailles Bruno Siebert

In order to offer you the best every day, the Siebert company relies on a selection of quality poultry recognised for their gustatory qualities. We pay particular attention to each stage of the growth of our poultry, from hatching to maturity. Thanks to our complete traceability system, we control both the rearing conditions, taking care of the animal’s well-being, as well as its feed and geographical origin.

Located at the heart of the Alsace, a land of traditions where it was founded more than forty years ago, our family business Bruno Siebert S.A. owes its reputation to a demanding policy for quality and freshness.

Bruno Siebert, CEO
Bruno Siebert
Through the seasons

Our seasonal products

Because eating well should be a pleasure at every meal, find our seasonal poultry to associate with your dishes of the moment.

Flavour on your plates throughout the year, in marinated skewers, escalope or roast with spices…

Discover our entire range of quality poultry:
hen, rooster, quail, duck, duckling, pigeon, guinea fowl and rabbit.
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