A few key dates and figures


Family business takeover. Cockerel and chick rearing and slaughter in the former premises, at the Wolxheim mill.


Creation of the Bruno SIEBERT Company and beginning of diversification of activities (whole chickens and cuts, rabbits).

November 1992

Removal and installation of the factory in the nearby town of Ergersheim. Total investment of FF 21 million for an area of 5,000 square meters.
Granting of Community-wide recognition (EEC standards) and beginning of exports of our products to Germany and Switzerland.
The turnover has grown from FF 37 million in 1990 to FF 94 million in 1994>.

December 1995

The company has been awarded the local Chamber of Commerce Environment Trophy.


The company has been awarded the French-Swiss Business Oscar by the French-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


New investment of FF 2 million in order to mechanize evisceration.


First phase of automation for meat cutting and creation of a classic range of processed raw poultry products.


Extension of the plant for a total investment of € 12 million. This additional 7,000 square-meter expansion includes the creation of a machinery room which meets existing standards for cold production, a 4 km continuous chilling line, an automated cutting room, a storage area for frozen products (with a capacity of about 500 pallets), a new logistics platform, and the set-up of a room for raw and cooked processed products.

  • Annual turnover 2015 : € 62 million
  • Average number of permanent staff (2015) : 268
  • Volumes sold 2015 : 13, 250 Tons
  • Weekly production (2015) :
    • 154,000 chickens
    • 13,300 rabbits
    • 7,700 cocks and hens
  • Main export countries: Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic.
  • Export represents currently over 23% of our turnover.
Moulin de Wolxheim
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